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I've been creating music for over 20 years. I'm now at the level where I can produce a song to a professional, publishable, release standard. I have a wide range of skills and high end recording equiptment that allow me to turn a basic idea into a finished piece of music. I love working with people to help turn a song or piece of music into something that moves the listener. I'm open to working with all budgets and on any type of project. If you would like to work with me, please get in touch; or find me on social media, @alexhillsmusic. Or click contact button below.

Recent Work

Andy Ridgeway

'Heading Over'

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Heading OverAndy Ridgeway
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Production - Mixing - Mastering

Andy Ridgeway is a very talented guitarist, composer and artist. Similar to myself, he self produces his music from his home studio. Andy approached me to help produce his song 'Heading Over'. Andy is a multi instrumentalist, so already had a lot of the song put together. I helped to enhance this by adding extra elements such as synths, atmospheric guitars and extra drum and percussion parts. I also remixed and mastered the track. It's a catchy song that takes you on a journey and I feel like I've helped bring out some of the excitement and energy.

“Alex produced my recent single and has been the greatest pleasure to work with. He’s hugely talented, professional, communicative, thorough and infinitely likeable. As such, I hope to work with him again soon. I thoroughly recommend him to anyone in need of music production, mixing and mastering.” - Andy Ridgeway

'Rez Plz'
Long Neck


Composing- Production - Mixing - Mastering

I was approached by Josh and Nate at Long Neck Games, to compose for their latest indie game; 'Rez Plz'. It's a 2D co-op game, with lots of puzzles and challenges throughout. I composed 60 minutes of music for the game. They wanted an 80s horror vibe, but with lots of variations for the different levels. Josh and Nate are extremely talented and it was a honour to be picked as their composer! The game is out now and available on Xbox, Nintendo, and Steam, It's a great game to play, lots of fun! definitely recommend!

'Alex has been incredibly professional, sincere, and reliable throughout the entire creative process. I think even more importantly, I believe Alex is truly gifted and talented when it comes to composing and interpreting concepts into magical and memorable compositions. We feel incredibly fortunate to have met Alex early in his career as I have no doubt he has the skills and disposition people will love to work with in the future.' Josh Long Neck Games.


Thomas Abrahams


I mastered Thomas Abrahams live album, a collection of jazz standards. Thomas is a fantastic guitarist with years of gigging experience. Great to watch live, highly recommend!


Dial M For Magic


Alex mastered my Special Requests album and has done such a professional job of that it has since aided my wedding bookings immensely. My audio engineer loved the quality of the mastered tracks too.

Dial M For Magic - Alex Hills .mpAlex Hills
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Composing- Production - Mixing - Mastering

I was commissioned to make a short piece of music for an intro for a podcast. They wanted something that had a film noir style, like a smoky jazz bar in New York, but they also wanted to blend this with magical elements, as it is set in a fantasy realm. It was great fun creating this piece and they very happy with the theme.

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