Arts funding - making music blind

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An example of a video I created which current has 20K views. I promoted this organically and got people to share and re post. I also did interview with the BBC radio Kent, and had pieces printed in the local press. This was all recorded by myself on hired equiptment, I think the concept and execution was what captured peoples imagination.

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Here is another example of a video that I created on my own with hired equiptment. This was reviewing and showing how to use a piece of musical hardware, the video had over 8K views with positive feedback. The company also reached out and sent me some extra equiptment. I have since removed this channel as I felt it clashed with my artist channel. But again this was organically pushed through my own promotion. Hopefully it shows my ability to create good content and create a buzz around it. This will be important for this project.

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Here are links to my socials and to my music. I hope this shows the quality of my work. I am an independent artist and create and produce everything on my own. This also shows I already have a small following who will be able to help share and promote the marketing side of this project.