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Finding myself. Finding my sexuality. Finding my love. Finding my heart break. Finding my sin. Finding addiction. Finding peace

Fire And Run - unfinished

Light The Fire ROUGH4PRSFAlex Hills
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The album is called 'Findr', and it's all about identity. I came out in my mid to late 20s, and this album is about exploring that. I met my ex who I was with for 7 years who I met on Grindr, and although this app is very shady at times, It's played a big part of my sexuality. So I want a little nod to this within the album. I'd love a mask that has a similar shape and design as the Grindr logo, but maybe it could be some how distorted. I love the idea of it being some kind of post apocalyptic battle mask, maybe if it was made from metal and there are a few scratches of the orange left on it, like it's been through a battle!! It would be nice if it wasn't instantly recognizable as the Grindr logo, but after a while you could sort of tell thats what it's about, if that makes sense.
I'd love to use this as the album cover.. and also within my music videos, and also some live shows that I will do next year. So it would be great if there was room to sing and also if it could be removed and put on quite easily for stage performances.
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