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Here is the song I'm releasing on the 28th June, it's called 'Call Me Up'. I'm open to any ideas. I'm thinking something that would stand out for the 15/30 sec instagram/facebook clips. So it can be just the first verse and Chorus. For me this album is about celebrating your differences, being different, feeling proud of who you are. So really the more quirky the idea the better, can be anything really! I was going to do a simple video of me walking along the beach singing the song in a mask that I created. The mask symbolises my struggle with my sexuality in my mid 20s, and I guess the masks that we all wear in some way. But I'm open to any ideas and for you to be creative! 

Call Me Up

4. Call Me UpAlex Hills
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I had a bit of a tough time in my early 20s, I had lots of family problems at home, and I was also battling my sexuality in my head. Bit of a long story that maybe I'll put out in some kind of video vlog, story type thing... But Just had a night where I felt a little helpless. Music is my therapy so this was a song that I wrote at the time to help get me through it all I guess! 
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