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Finding myself. Finding my sexuality. Finding my love. Finding my heart break. Finding my sin. Finding addiction. Finding peace

Fire And Run - unfinished

Light The Fire ROUGH4PRSFAlex Hills
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My mixing skills are getting to a higher quality, but I'm still lacking that finished edge that most pro mixes have. I choose Eduardo as I like the past mixes he has done. Recently he has worked with Self Esteem, who is an incredible artist and I like the sound of her records. I reached out to Eduardo and he offered £500 per mix, and would be happy for me to be present. Watching engineers mix will lift my game as I'm currently self taught.
Similar to mixing my production and arranging skills are at a good level, but I still feel that I can push this further. I want this album to stand out, my previous work is a little more laid back. As a part of this project I would love for the opportunity to work with Mike Lindsay. Mike is a part of a band called Tunng, and also 'Lump' who are one of my fav bands. I found out he has a studio in my home town of Margate, so I went and visited him. He said that he would do a track for £1000. Full production and mix. I love his experimental nature and I think I would learn so much working with him
The final touches of this album will be in the mastering. For me this has always given my song that extra 10-15% extra sparkle and tightness. I've been using Metropolis, and sadly the engineer that I loved working with, John Davis, has passed, but his son Felix is also an engineer there, and it would be fantastic to use him. He mastered my song 'Wait For The Rain'. And did a fantastic job! 


The main target is to play the Margate Pride event at Dreamland on the main stage. I went this year and thought it was amazing! There were a couple of unknown acts that were really good, and not too far from what I would like to be doing. I have been in touch with the Pride on instagram and I'm slowly working towards building a little relationship so that I can reach out when the time is right. This will give my music such a boost. I also want to develop a 20/30/60 minute set. I'm currently single, have no ties or commitments, so I would be happy to jump on tours or play anywhere, and as I've quit my job I could go for any length of time, so I want a sharp set that will engage a crowd and be exciting and create a good show. I can then look for a live promotor, or approach some managers and teams to see if I can gain support slots. 
For the live show I want to centre the main playing on a synthesiser. I really want a Profit 10 synth, as I've played it many times and I find it so inspiring. The only problem is the price! There is another synth that I've played that gives me a similar feeling and that is the Novation Summit. It's quite pricey but I think for the sound it creates it's worth it. I will also be triggering samples. I've been practising recently with old songs and played a few original gigs, and it seems to work. The samples will give me freedom to get creative with intros and instrumental breaks. 
As a part of the live show I'm going to make it all work so I trigger all of the music.. I can bring in extra musicians later if it builds, but I ultimately want it to work on my own. For the dreamland show, and other big shows, I would like to have some contemporary dancers. Initially I'm thinking one male and female, but I will consider this more once the set has been built and I'm working on the live show. I also would like to have a mask that I wear on stage. The style of the mask will be based on the grindr logo, but with a bit of wear or embellishment to make it more theatrical. I have reached out to a custom mask making company for a quote. I want the Dreamland show to be almost theatrical in nature, but with the music loud and exciting beats so it lifts the crowd, but also some gentler parts in between with dance and acting. It would be nice to say something within these passages! I was recently extremely moved and hurt by the death penalty being bought into the court in Uganda for homosexual acts. It would be good to bring this in to the minds and hearts. 
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