Dance With The Devil

Dance With The DevilAlex Hills
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I'm The Boss - ad vibes

I'm The BossAlex Hills
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I'll Take You - ad vibes

I'll Take YouAlex Hills
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Uninvited indie trailor

UninvitedAlex Hills
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Some Previous Work

Rez Plz - Indie computer game


Commisioned to create over 60 minutes of soundtrack for the indie game Rez Plz. The game features traditional platforming elements, dangerous enemies and puzzle elements that require the player to KILL one of the wizard brothers to advance. The game is available on xbox, nintendo and steam.

Dial M For Magic - podcast theme

Commisioned to create a short piece for a dark comedic comedic story. 'Imagine a fantasy world full of monsters, dragons and magic, but in a world akin to america in the 1920's.' They wanted a 'dark jazz song', with large hints of mystery and intensity. It was a fun project and they we're happy with the result! 'This is amazing! Listening to it made me so excited! It's exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for bringing my vision to life.' Jordan

Dial M For Magic - Alex Hills .mpAlex Hills
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Give Me More - AdThe Curtain Puller
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